🤹Life is Juggling🤹

We are always juggling. The more balls in the air, the more balls that can hit the ground.

I was actually juggling the other day thinking about that very idea. If I’m juggling cascade (what I’m doing in the video), it’s generally no problem and I can maintain the control. When I attempt to juggle columns, add a ball, increase the height, or move around, it all begins to fall apart. With practice, I can up my skill level and increase my ability to do more, but at some point, I will always break.

The challenge for us is to find the balls that we have to catch (health, joy, family, friends, spiritual). Then it’s the balls that we want to catch better (practices, habits, minds states) that we work on leveling up. Finally, it’s the aspiration balls (fun and play) that the process is the thing. We need to lay the foundation and the baseline skills and then we can add more tricks and techniques as we level.

Do the important things and catch those balls first. Once you get that down you get to keep layering in more fun and play. Sometimes we are in a survival mood and it’s sleep, diet, movement, and mental health. Other times we are in the grip it and rip it mode. It’s our yin and yang.

Hopefully, you are able to grip it and rip it some this weekend!