About Me

My life has been about movement, books and ideas. A trend that continues to this day. This originally manifested in basketball, beach volleyball, training in the gym and many hours of reading both online and offline.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and went to college at Wake Forest University. A degree in finance lead to a career in investment management focused on credit. The liberal arts education further advanced the depth of subject matters that I’ve read about and a life of exploration and experience.

I’m an investor, improviser, storyteller, father, husband and coach. I live my life trying to be useful, interesting and surrounding myself with wonderful people.

I currently reside in Chicago with my wife and two sons.

I’m trying to play the infinite game and find as much Flow as possible.



I’ve performed and trained improv at One Group Mind, Second City, CIC, The Crowd and IO theaters.

You can find me currently playing at The Comedy Clubhouse with One Group Mind every other week.

Tai Chi

Training under the tutelage of Timothy Suh, who trains under Patrick Kelly, who trained under Master Huang Xingxian.


Proud Toastmaster at Viewmasters in the Willis Tower.

Coaching Business/Life

iPEC Certified Professional Coach