🔌The Power of Plugging into People🔌

This month I find myself back in an online-based cohort course. My goal is to do 1-2 a year.

I’ve taken many online classes, which offer the opportunity to improve a set of skills and meet wonderful and talented people. Each class introduces a journey of exploration enhanced by your fellow course travelers. The network mind of the group provides ideas and possibilities.

This month, I’m driving through Write of Passage (WOP) for the third time. David Perell started this course with the goal of helping people write online. It blossomed a slew of talented writers and a community of people that show up, do the work, and help each other.

I keep showing up to WOP because it pushes me to write better and the fellow travelers inspire, coach, and co-create, helping to unleash newfound and stored up creativity. The real juice for WOP comes from attracting talented and caring individuals who help everyone get better.

It is like Toastmasters, another organization buttressed by amazing people who go out of their way to help everyone involved. Similar to Write of Passage, Toastmasters creates sacred spaces to challenge yourself, to grow, and to find the support you need along the way.

What makes these places sacred are the people. The people are key. But sometimes we need a North Star to bring us together. These North Stars, composed of ideas and possibilities, attract the people who genuinely care, and offer an arena for us to learn, grow, and help each other.

The power of people propels us to unexplored places.

We come for the learning and stay for the community.