📬Delivering Our Messages: Less Poop and More Magic 📬

Did they follow me?

Did I convey that clearly and concisely?

Did I use the right metaphors and stories?

I think back on my first couple of investor meetings early in my career, and it makes me belch. Using a shotgunning of information approach to “prove” my point resonated perhaps with the deep investor types. Everyone else likely found themselves confused. Leaving someone feeling like we knew a lot hits the target but leaves us far from a bulls-eye.

If our presentation feels like an Adderall infused voice vomit, we did it wrong. Machine gunning a message is creating noise not signal. Information overload fails as a strategy.

Simple, concise, and relatable takes the trophy.

Communicating well is magic. Communicating poorly is dog poop on our shoes. We know something happened, but it’s a little off. We want to scrap it away when it ends.

When it works, we steer less and float more when we communicate. It flows.

We hit the high notes, and we let them sing versus playing more. We pause and let the power of those notes ring.

We need to know the tune before we start playing. Preparation is always a must. It’s insulting if we don’t prepare. We invite the listener in on the game by keeping it tight. If they ask for an encore, then we jam deeper and flow on.

Communication is a dance, and losing our dance partner is selfish. That same dance plays out when we send an email, talk to our friends, or interact with family.

If our message misses, then we failed. If we lose the receiver, then the connection breaks.

We want more magic and less feeling of poop on the sneakers when we communicate.