👑Power of Our Tribes👑

When I first moved to Chicago, I felt like a fish out of water. My college community was gone, and everything started over. There was so much to explore, but I needed my scaffolding. Like a rudderless ship, life bounced around until slowly, I found my people. First came the work tribe, and then the friend tribe grew.

One of the most important things we do is find the others. When we get around the right people and find our tribe, it propels us. We get 1+1 = 5. Good tribes create the energy, space, and relationships for a life well-lived. The tribe provides rocket fuel for where we want to go and buffers us when life falls apart.

Linking up with the wrong tribe leads us down the wrong alley. We saw the power of following the wrong tribe members this week. The wrong direction leads to rocket fuel blowing up in our faces.

Our tribe shapes us, and we shape the tribe. Just like we build the tools and the tools build us, our tribes act in the same way. Dunbar’s number gives us around 150 people to be part of our tribes. That bucket fills up quickly with family, work, and neighbors. We need to make it count and find the right people for our tribes.

Do the people in your circles serve your best interest? Are they acting in service of something you both believe? Do we show up and help our tribes? Do we bring out the best in others in our tribes?

We all experience the pull of groups, and we all participate in creating that pull for others. That is why we need to find the others and be there for our tribe members. Our tribe supports us, nourishes us, and enables us to live our best lives.

We needed our tribes more than ever in 2020 and that trend continues into this year.