👊Rolling with the Punches👊

“Agent Assitance Needed” flashed on the screen.

What the heck?

The pause created an uncomfortable feeling for us.

We arrived at the airport on time, getting the little guy’s bags packed and running through our checklist. Just leaving the house with a two-year-old, five-year-old, and snacks plus entertainment for the flight pumped up the stress levels. We reminded ourselves throughout the preparation that this was an adventure.

The five-year-old kept noting on the way to the airport that he thought we might miss our flight. The reassurances failed to soothe him even as we arrived at the airport on time.

My hand went up for the agent, and we waited. The seconds seemed to expand as we waited. Finally, someone came over, looked at a passport, and noted that it’s expired.

Then, the record scratched, and the five-year-olds premonitions found validation.

“This passport is expired, and that’s why you can’t check-in.” The words hit like daggers. Then we looked at the five-year-old’s passport, and it expired two days ago.

We went two out of four, which works for shooting threes in the NBA, but not for boarding planes with a family.

Waiting a year to finally jump on a family vacation and going to Costa Rica while the temperature approached 0 degrees felt like a genius move. Finding out that two of four passports expired at the airport felt like we dropped the game-winning pass in the endzone.

The situation felt absurd.

At no point did we think the constraint would be leaving the country. The belief that the airline’s system tracked our passport expirations proved false. The breakdown in the chain belonged to us.

The punch comes, and all we can do is roll with it. The initial angst bubbles up when the news strikes. What can we do? The release comes from controlling what we can control and rolling with the punches.

We walked back out into the cold, shook our heads, and laughed. We rolled with the punches and waited to surf another day.