🏀 The First Time 🏀

The first time happened in 9th grade.

It came as a surprise.

I wasn’t ready, but I didn’t have a choice.

It struck like lightning. I wanted to get out of the way, but it happened too quickly.

The other team full-court pressed us. I played point guard, but the inbound pass didn’t come to me. All of a sudden #55 barreled towards the basket as I stood there all alone.

A giant 8th grader, playing against high schoolers, stole the ball.

I stepped in front of him.

Then it happened for the first time.

8th grader Lavar Arrington took off into the air.

That was the first time…the first time I got dunked on.

I thought to myself, wow that just happened. It was electric and magical for everyone watching.

First times remind us how much is possible. They surprise us and magnetize us. They show up because we put ourselves out there. They can be things we want to happen or things that happen to us.

We do the dunking, and we get dunked on.

Either way, we learn and grow from every first time.